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BETA is the most advanced career discovery solution for professionals. We provide unparalleled insights through a plexus of real-time data points and our AI-powered appraisal engine.

Discover how you stack up in the market

Our proprietary mobile and web-based technology provides you with intelligent decision making analytics. We enable you to make the right choices in line with your ambitions.

We pride ourselves on being innovators, with career success and market transparency as our focal point

We know that making the right career choices can be hard. It can be scary and time-consuming. Decisions are best based on clear insight from the use of AI and Big Data.

Learn about you and the world you operate in

BETA uses Natural Language Processing with Artificial Neural Networks to constantly give you the best insights. We provide market intelligence to all professionals, as never seen before.

Our insights, your decisions. Empowerment on demand.

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